Transform your insurance program and protect profitability

CPG's 4-step Profit Protection Program™ helps you to assess, control and define the risk and coverage in order to re-position your business for optimum protection and profitability.

Insurance programs designed around your changing needs

CPG provides a platform to discuss your risks and business strategy and connects this to a comprehensive insurance program that properly protects your company's bottom line.


Profit Protection Program

What's the missing structure?

The Profit Protection Program™ will lower your insurance costs and aid in your company’s quest for long-term profitability.

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Who uses CPG?

Who uses CPG?

Any business that is concerned with protecting its long-term growth and profitability should contact CPG. CPG provides insurance and risk protection solutions to commercial clients of all sizes and across all business sectors. Satisfied clients include companies such as: McDonalds, EllisDon and Cruickshank Construction Ltd.

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Insurance Program Design and Monitoring

Insurance Program Design and Monitoring

CPG provides the appropriate platform to discuss risks and business strategy and connects them to a comprehensive insurance program design that properly protects your company and helps to drive profit to the bottom line.

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Who is CPG?

Who is CPG?

Drawing on decades of insurance knowledge, CPG’s team of risk management experts provide independent advice and a unique approach to buying insurance. CPG’s solutions work to protect our clients’ companies and ensure their long-term growth and profitability.

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