Paying higher and higher insurance premiums every year feels like a seemingly inevitable experience. At the very least, in exchange for those increased payments an organization and its leaders should be able to feel confident their business is adequately protected in the event of a loss.


The problem is, many insurance customers’ confidence is false.

They’re not aware the insurance and risk programs set up for their business may not respond the way they intended – if at all. When a company’s business strategy and their insurance program are out of alignment, substantial (and in many cases completely unknown) exposures often arise within the organization.

That’s where we come in

Claims Advocacy

We care about you and your business success. At Corporate Protection Group, we provide our clients independent insurance advisory to navigate the complexities of the insurance industry. We are not insurance brokers, nor do we sell insurance. Corporate Protection Group works with your existing risk management team to optimize your insurance program and pricing.

Our mission is to help organizations and their business leaders achieve success by identifying unknown exposures and reducing or removing them. By aligning insurance and risk management with a company’s core business strategy, our structured approach reduces losses while enabling growth and increasing profitability.

Who we serve

Corporate Protection Group focuses on insurance so you can focus on growing your business.

Our advisors works closely with you and your team as a trusted partner to reduce wasted premium dollars and provide innovative coverage solutions. We specialize in working with organizations that have complex risk profiles, own or manage substantial physical assets, or have insurance premiums in excess of $250,000.

Our areas of expertise include:

Real Estate

Private Equity



You may be a right fit for our services if you:

  • Have no time to monitor your insurance program on a regular basis
  • Don’t have a strategic approach to insurance buying
  • Are continually reacting to losses rather than preventing them
  • Have never met your insurance company representatives