Setting the stage

Prior to the launch of the Corporate Protection Group, Bruce Thorne had developed an interest in business and the world of entrepreneurship. After earning his MBA at Western University, he followed in the footsteps of his father and began his career in the world of insurance. After learning the nuances of the industry, Bruce made his entrepreneurial debut by purchasing his father’s insurance brokerage.

Over the next decade, Bruce developed a unique approach to organizational structure as well as an expertise at all levels of brokerage management. He designed a variety of tools to drive sales, profitability, and most importantly, provide his clients with a differentiated approach to insurance and risk management.

Doing Things Differently

Doing things differently

Bruce chose not to conform to traditional brokerage standards and focused on providing customized business solutions, while taking the time to understand and resolve the unique concerns of his clients. This strategy not only fueled growth within the brokerage, but caught the eye of a diversified financing group, who made an offer to acquire the company.

After the sale of his insurance brokerage, Bruce would continue assisting companies with their insurance needs as an independent business and insurance advisor. His focus was on helping clients understand and navigate the nuances of a confusing insurance industry; opening the door for anyone who wanted unbiased, transparent advice. And so, it began – the Corporate Protection Group.

The shifting landscape

The insurance brokerage industry has seen a tremendous shift in the last decade as financial firms continue to acquire and consolidate the industry. As brokerages were acquired, costs were cut, and the insurance relationship quickly became a transaction-based operation. The personalized risk management services traditionally offered by brokerages are now few and far between.

Corporate Protection Group recognizes this industry gap and serves as your strategic insurance advisor. We work with your existing insurance providers to develop customized insurance and risk management solutions based on your unique business operations.

It’s never just about insurance

Bruce started the Corporate Protection Group to focus on what he enjoys the most about being in the insurance industry; sharing his expertise to help solve his client’s business problems. Whether it was designing the optimal insurance program or helping an entrepreneur grow their business, it all came down to helping that individual and their company succeed.

From the early days we have now evolved into a team of highly qualified and talented associates who provide insurance and risk management solutions to a wide variety of industries. We have helped countless entrepreneurs and executives achieve success, both professionally and personally, and look forward to continuing our efforts in the future.