Coverage & Cost Optimization:

The insurance procurement process is filled with inefficiencies costing companies millions of dollars in unnecessary premiums

CPG takes a holistic approach to insurance program design. We package your business strategy, risk protocols and loss control measures for your insurance representatives. Our approach creates greater understanding and transparency of your operations, resulting in better coverage and premium savings.

Service objectives:

  • Obtain the most competitive insurance rates possible
  • Design the optimal insurance program based on your unique business needs
  • Insurance representatives are rewarded based on value and not commission

Third-Party Risk Mitigation

Without aligning your contract language to your insurance policy you may be negating certain coverages or agreeing to items that are uninsured or uninsurable

CPG utilizes a four-element framework that provides a clear path for effective contractual risk transfer. Once this framework is implemented, we provide ongoing assurance that your third-party contractors maintain adequate coverage throughout the duration of their contract term.

Service objectives:

  • Provide assurance of effective contractual risk transfer
  • Reduce the exposure to underinsured or uninsured third-party claims
  • Monitor compliance of third-party insurance requirements

Transaction Due Diligence

Without a tailored insurance strategy in place, you may unknowingly have gaps in coverage or waste money on unnecessary insurance

CPG has developed a comprehensive insurance and risk management processes to mitigate the unique risks and exposures associated with construction, acquisition, or infrastructure projects. As the complexity of these transactions continues to increase, CPG provides assurance that your transaction is adequately protected.

Service objectives:

  • Provide assurance that coverage is adequate and effective
  • Lower insurance costs through optimal program design
  • Reduce the exposure to underinsured or uninsured third-party claims

Lender Advisory

Over 70% of borrower insurance policies we review are inadequate for their operations – potentially exposing lenders to uninsured losses

CPG’s lender advisory services streamline the loan closing process and helps mitigate potential borrower insurance gaps. Our process provides a comprehensive review of the borrower’s project strategy and insurance program, ensuring coverage is aligned to the unique needs of the project.

Service objectives:

  • Provide assurance that the borrower’s insurance is adequate
  • Identify potential risks and exposures
  • Expedite the loan closing process

Claims Advisory

Experiencing a large claim can be overwhelming and require immediate action to ensure your interests are protected

CPG has an experienced claims management team that works closely with you and your insurance representatives throughout the claims process. From initial incident notification to claims resolution, our team is there to ensure your claim is resolved with the least impact on your operations – keeping you informed and updated along the way.

Service objectives:

  • Streamline the claims handling process and reduce legal costs
  • Advocate to increase control of outcome
  • Maximize insurance policy value

Governance & Assurance

How confident are you that your insurance and contractual risk transfer is adequate and effective across your organization?

Many businesses focus on financial and operational risks, however are unaware of the contractual and insurance exposures they leave themselves open to on a day-to-day basis. CPG works with your team to identify these exposures and implement protocols to close these risk gaps.

Service objectives:

  • Critical risks are identified and mitigated through risk protocols
  • Executive assurance that effective risk transfer is taking place
  • Recognition of risk management by insurance markets