Executive Team

Bruce Thorne

Bruce Thorne

Managing Partner

Bruce has been Client advisor for over 40 years sharing his insights and expertise with clients and drawing from his own experience as a business owner and business strategist. He has acted as a broker, a manager and a trusted advisor and liaison on behalf of his clients.

His visionary approach to organizational mechanics as well as his extensive expertise at all levels of business, allows him to develop the necessary tools and management processes designed to drive sales, profitability and corporate expansion while promoting a positive corporate culture.

Bruce simplifies and expedites thinking around:

  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Growth and Perpetuation
Brad Pickering

Brad Pickering

Director of Risk Services

Brad takes an all-encompassing approach to operational development, sustainability and risk management. He thrives on uncovering new approaches to streamline processes, while tying all the pieces back in to a business’ overall strategy and their business goals.

Through his experience running a small entrepreneurial company and with large, international businesses, Brad has developed his ability to lead diverse teams, create efficient solutions for operations, and development and delivery of risk management capability.

Brad brings rapid, profitable and sustainable solutions through:

  • Risk Management Program Design and Implementation
  • Operational Strategies
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
Michael Stark

Michael Stark

Director of Customer Services

Mike supports clients through the development of a corporate vision and formal strategy for the future. He works alongside the executive team to identify challenges to be overcome but also the unique strengths they can build on to realize their vision.

Mike also brings our clients a decade of insurance underwriting experience. His unique blend of business acumen and in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the insurance industry provides our clients with a safe and holistic approach to moving their business strategies forward. He is adept at pinpointing exactly what the client’s needs are now and what they are going to be.

Mike moves business strategies forward through:

  • Strategy Development & Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Operations
Julie Holman

Julie Holman

Director of Insurance Services

Julie brings a unique approach to finding solutions for insurance related problems and issues. She specializes in the review and monitoring of client insurance programs; ensuring that the brokers and insurers are held accountable to their commitment in providing the most competitive pricing for the coverage purchased.

Julie’s comprehensive knowledge of broker operations (of any size), where workflows and efficient delivery of service to clients is paramount, has enabled her to expand her field of interest into national program administration, as well as oversight on captive insurance operations for clients.

As an advisor, Julie advocates for our clients through:

  • Corporate Strategy Analysis
  • Policy Management
  • Broker Liaison
Lisa Pickering

Lisa Pickering

Director of Finance

Lisa brings 15 years of experience as a financial analyst and is an expert in investigating how management systems work within a company. She possesses a high level of project management capability, which enables her to couple systems analysis with a practical approach to improving reporting and overall business efficiency.

With a goal-oriented focus, Lisa’s demonstrated track record includes leading the preparation and analysis of financial reports and financial positioning forecasts. Lisa works to ensure the financial strategy and direction is aligned to support the overall business strategy and high-level growth.

Lisa improves reporting and efficiencies by:

  • Fiscal Reporting
  • Budget Analysis and Creation
  • Process Development & Improvement
Lennie Morgan

Lennie Morgan

Chief Analyst

Over 25 years, Lennie has honed his expertise to develop innovative, pro-active approaches to designing and implementing risk management programs for his clients. He works to reduce administrative burdens and costs and transforms the way the client views their total cost of risk.

His experience as a casualty underwriter has provided him the skills required to effectively review policies across all lines of business to ensure the client’s current operations are covered as well as providing risk management solutions for their long-term objectives. His programs are built for growth and sustainability.

Lennie transforms coverage through:

  • Operational Coverage Design
  • Coverage Analytics
  • Balance Sheet Protection

Risk Advisors

  • Laurie Carruthers Senior Advisor
  • Carrie Stein Transaction Services
  • Giovanni Damiano Claims Specialist
  • Zelia Drumm Senior Advisor
  • Paul Leighton Captive Advisor
  • Dylan Mulrain Enterprise Risk Management
  • Scott Armstrong Executive Risk

Risk Analysts

  • Natalie Diffin Coverage Analyst
  • Cathy Moran Coverage Analyst
  • Glen Steele Coverage Analyst
  • Mary Ellen Rudzinski Coverage Analyst
  • Dawn Murphy Coverage Analyst
  • Ashley Walker Coverage Analyst
  • MaryLynn Lurz Coverage Analyst
  • Steven Diaz Coverage Analyst
  • Victoria Garcia Coverage Analyst
  • Marc Leclair Coverage Analyst
  • Randy Kruger Coverage Analyst


  • Jon Ruch Project Manager
  • Steve Beamish Project Manager
  • Jake Clement Project Manager
  • Kim Bourdeau Project Manager
  • Swati Mohan Project Manager
  • Tanner Shaw Project Manager

Support Services

  • Vicky Henry Accounting Services
  • Stephanie Williams Administrative Assistant
  • Paola Bolton Administrative Assistant
  • Heather Maynarich Administrative Assistant